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Living Beyond the Fringe: Christian Books About Faith

Are you searching for inspiring Christian books about faith? Maybe one with uplifting quotes? I'm Sally Haught Marx, author of "Living Beyond the Fringe." As a life-long Christian, I grew up loving God and decided to couple my Faith and passion for reading and writing with a BA in Bible Studies and Communications. My education and lessons from my life as a Christian and a flight attendant inspired my book "Living Beyond the Fringe." It's packed with uplifting quotes from the scriptures, stories that span human emotion, and sections where you can interact with prayer, allowing your faith an opportunity to blossom and grow.

We all need uplifting quotes that help us to be strong and get through everything from the day to day challenges to illness, and even grieving a loved one's death. Faith in God is something we must constantly practice. Think of prayer, reading Christian books about faith, and studying the scripture like exercise. Your Christian faith needs exercise, just the same as your physical body needs exercise. You can read "Living Beyond the Fringe" and other Christian books about faith to continue nurturing your relationship with God.

Our faith gets challenged by the hardship of life sometimes. If we can lean on God's power, the life-lessons we must learn become easier to navigate. God is always there with His divine strength to hold us up when we need it most. There are many ways to study the scripture and Christian books about faith such as "Living Beyond the Fringe" help you develop a practice that resonates with you on your path to the Father. Let's walk the path together.

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