Finding My Purpose

Finding My Purpose Through Inspirational Writing

Finding my purpose in life was born in my love of God and a passion for reading and writing. A desire to encourage others is what inspired my book, "Living Beyond the Fringe." If you enjoy stories about faith I think you'll want to read my collection of short stories from years of being a flight attendant and lessons from life as a Christian. My writing career began after I completed my BA in Bible Studies and Communications. My intention is to write in a way that's easy to understand. I suggest you dig deeper into subjects that resonate with you, by reading Christian works from other respected authors as well.

When I think about finding my purpose, I realize that part of what led me to where I am today is the strong bond I feel with my Heavenly Father. So, as I was putting together this collection of inspirational writing, I thought that it would make sense to include a section after each chapter that's interactive and designed to promote spiritual growth. After all, faith is active and requires constant nurturing. To that end, you'll find open-ended prayers that I start and you finish in your own words.

Much like God helped me in finding my purpose, a relationship with God will transform you too.

Are you ready to begin strengthening your faith? Then pick a time of day to read the scripture and also set aside time for prayer. As you exercise your faith daily, you'll find that your relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit deepens. Do you feel a disconnect from God? Then maybe it's time to find some inspiration to reignite the most important relationship in your life. Try reading "Living Beyond the Fringe" and let's walk this path together.

©2019 by Author Sally Haught Marx.