Encouraging Scripture

Living Beyond the Fringe: Christian Inspired Books

Do you feel God’s love? Maybe you're wondering how to develop a relationship with your Heavenly Father. Or you might have walked with God your entire life and suddenly realized that something is missing. Reading encouraging scripture will allow His light to shine into your life. Faith and a relationship with God is an active pursuit, if you want to feel the full strength of His love. His love is always there and especially noticed, when you nurture it.


When you put in the effort, the benefits increase dramatically. You can choose to move "Beyond the Fringe" and into your true legacy. Our Father will show you the way. His love and guidance will light your path and you will know where you belong. Reading Christian inspired books with encouraging scripture helps build your faith. And as a daily dialogue with God becomes part of your life, you'll experience a shift in perception.


As a 30-year flight attendant, I have looked deeply into eyes like yours, I have seen hearts desiring more and so many people who wish to leave a legacy. If you let Him into your life, His transforming love will bring your life full circle. Christian inspired books will assist you as you seek Him in His Word and will bring about a new understanding. Not only that but Christian inspired books will also help you practice speaking with Him through prayer—your direct line to God.


I invite you to join me on this journey. Read, as I share encouragement through scripture and true-life short stories in my first of what I hope is many Christian inspired books, "Living Beyond the Fringe." Let's bask in the warmth of His incredible Love and acceptance. together.

©2019 by Author Sally Haught Marx.