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Sally Haught Marx

Writer. Thinker. Encourager.

Dear friends, 
I am so incredibly blessed that you are beginning this journey with me. I pray you will seek God and understand that He is on your side. He hears your heart and His plan for you is securely etched into eternity. 
You will leave a mark in this life one way or another.
Like trees planted by living water, roots grow deeply so be careful where you allow your heart to settle.

Let's seek the Lord together. For He has created you quite intricately in the womb and no matter where you have been or what you have done;

His mercies are new every morning.
You can begin again.
Stay tuned, and I look forward to hearing from you.

-Sally Ann


"I will give you a new heart

and put a new spirit

within you;

I will remove from you your heart of stone

and give you a heart of flesh."

A Bit About Me

Born in a small town in Pennsylvania, 
I grew up loving God and my family. My love of both and a desire to encourage others took root in my passion for reading and writing.

In 11th grade, a seemingly insignificant assignment from an English teacher birthed a desire to express myself on the written page.

From there, I began writing poetry and short children's stories. 

As the computer age roared into homes across the world, I realized there were two audiences emerging; those who needed the feel and touch of an old fashioned book and those who were acquainted with the now popular e-books and the computer.

The first audience particularly interested me as this consisted of many in the older generation who had no access to the computer nor the understanding, as well as a younger fast paced group of so many who simply prefer an old fashioned book every now and then. 

My first book is very readable in that there are short stories and lessons from my life as a Christian and a flight attendant.


After each chapter you will find a delightful little section that allows you to interact and grow deeply.
Especially encouraging is the 'open ended prayer'. I start the prayer; but you get to finish in your own words every time.

At the age of 21, I graduated college with a Bachelor's of Art in Bible and Communications.

After numerous jobs I happened upon my dream 'job' and began flying for a major airline at the age of 26. In fact, I still fly the skies, while creating memories and relationships all over the world.

I began a blog, in my 40's,, that was reaching many, but I realized there were still others who needed encouragement to walk closer with a heavenly Father whose love for them was far reaching. 

Feeling the need to provide a more understandable and practical way to access Him, I try to write in a way that is easy to understand, Sometimes I delve more deeply into issues that are harder to navigate and often I will add a caveat for you to dig deeper with other respected authors.

My debut, "Living Beyond the Fringe" hopefully allows you, my reader to grow closer and leave a legacy worth leaving as your own self worth grows under the loving embrace of a Father that you may never have really known.

And finally, as in all things; I am not the authority, but I follow hard after the One who is. 

I encourage you to weigh everything you ever hear or read against the Holy Word of God. 

Thank you for joining me as we begin a journey that lasts far beyond our lifetime.

Check back later for my latest book signings.

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